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PennTech Tunnel Loader
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Company News

Compounding Pharmacist's
Vial Washer

Washing vials by hand is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With cGMP issues increasing in Pharma, PennTech has designed and manufactured the perfect aseptic solution to help keep Compounding Pharmacists USP and cGMP Compliant.  (read more...)

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Our Brochures

PennTech offers helpful information on many of its machines and insight into the design and maintenance of its equipment in the form of downloadable brochures.

Mastering the Simplicity of Design

PennTech manufactures aseptic packaging equipment with an emphasis on high quality, small scale, efficient design principles. 

Since its inception in 1992, PennTech Machinery Corporation has grown to become a world leader of complete aseptic vial production lines. Equipment includes: vial washers, aseptic trayloaders, sterilization tunnels, filling/stopper inserting/capping machines, semi and fully automatic freeze dryer loading systems and external vial decontamination machines. PennTech specializes in low to medium speed machines with a focus on simplicity, efficiency and compact footprint.

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